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ERASMUS + STARTING Courses and training Amsterdam 2024


dal 5 Febbraio 2024 al 10 Febbraio 2024

ERASMUS + STARTING Courses and training Amsterdam


The Democratic Life in the EU: Teaching Citizen Rights and Duties

Living in the European Union brings with it fundamental rights and responsibilities.

Isn’t it important that EU citizens receive an education, both formal and informal, which allows them to achieve a balanced awareness of what democracy is, and what is necessary for societies to function democratically?

In this course, we will research and explore the rights of EU citizens and also the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. We will discover the rights of EU citizens that contribute to democratic life, and the CVC (the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child) that specifically addresses the rights of children.

We will focus on designing and facilitating age-appropriate learning experiences for students, addressing rights and responsibilities issues, like education, child labor, the right to vote, poverty, sharing of resources and space, family, refugees, and child protection.


Prof.ssa SILVIA De Castro - Prof. ROBERTO DORE


The Netherlands Amsterdam


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